Thursday, September 15, 2005

I Thought I Had Heard It All

Every morning when I arrive at work there is usually a new issue/problem waiting for me. Today was no exception. I had a voice mail from a very stressed Medical Records Director concerning a patient of ours. This patient had received an implant on a certain date but now, he and his family are denying that they were ever here.

I had to chuckle, for a couple of reasons. One because it reminded me of the old Eddie Murphy Delirious stand up comedy routine where he describes the situation where a wife sees her husband exiting a motel room with another girl. When she confronts him about it he continually denies it was him saying, "wasn't me." She tells him that she saw him with her own two eyes and he continues to state it wasn't him. After a few minutes, she begins to question herself and says "Maybe it wasn't you?" The second reason was I said to myself, "I just thought I had heard it all."

So I go and review our records and just like I thought we have signature proof and detailed records demonstrating that he was indeed here on the disputed date. It is amazing the things people will do to avoid paying the bill. In my next post, I'll discuss a related issue that came up when trying to resolve this one. Something I hadn't even thought about or knew existed but, when I was told about it, it didn't surprise me in the least.

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