Monday, February 28, 2005

Let's Get It Started!

To borrow a song title from the Black-eyed Peas, or is it Susans? I digress. Anyhow "Let's Get It Started! Let's Get It Started in here! "

An avid reader, I've been engrossed in the recent swell of medical blogs. From The Cheerful Oncologist to A Chance to Cut is a Chance to Cure I've found it interesting to get the inside viewpoint of the different disciplines in the medical field.

Thus, I decided to embark on my own medical viewpoint blog but from a little different aspect. Most medical blogs I've read are from a physician's viewpoint. This fills a definite need but there is a gap out there I would like to begin to fill - the view from an Oncology hospital administrator/director. The often misunderstood or disliked discipline that has the unfortunate challenge of attempting to manage a business with a mission while assuring that both physicians and staff are satisfied. A truly thankless job.

I manage two cancer centers in a large healthcare system in the Southeastern United States. My background has roots in the Radiation Oncology field more specifically Medical Dosimetry as a Certified Medical Dosimetrist. What's that? Click Here for an explanation. I also have a degree in Education of which I use sparingly outside my day job.

So I ask you to join me in my discussion of the frustrations and rewards of the life of an Oncology Administrator. In addition, I hope to give you insight to the sometimes encouraging, sometimes discouraging world of Oncology.