Monday, April 04, 2005

Break from the Norm

Most of my posts here have focused on issues related to Oncology but I thought today I would take a break from the norm and talk about a topic that has been driving me crazy lately.

Have you noticed an increase in blurred spots on your TV screen as of late? In the latest "don't give any ad time for free" craze, TV stations and networks across the country have been blurring out anything from t-shirts and car logos to restaurant signs to the sides of soda cans.

First it started with t-shirts with less than proper usage of the English language but now it has escalated to anything that hasn't paid a fee to be cameoed on the show. Half the time I think there is something wrong with my TV. How would you like to have that job? I guess you would watch the show with your blur mouse and follow around the illegal ad as it moved throughout the show whether it is a hat, shirt, shoe, tattoo, door, chair, wall, sign, building, pizza, I digress.

I guess it is all stemming from the state of advertising today. If there is a place to put an ad its there. The only place I hadn't seen one yet is on the underside of a toilet seat. Don't tell anyone or it will be sure to appear. I can see it now, "Use Tidy Bowl for ..., " you get the point.

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